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I love your soap, it is so good and smells great.The service is wonderful, Cindy is the most helpful and caring person, when you e-mail a question she e-mails back right away, that is the best!!!!! There is nothing I would change about the business. Thanks.
Shakopee, MN

I am always looking for new soaps and Cindy keeps her line fresh. Prompt shipping and any questions you have, you can speak to her personally! Love It.
Los Lunas, NM

The Soapourri gifts I gave this Christmas were a howling success! The people lucky enough to receive the soaps with their favorite fragrance said it was such a heavenly gift, the angels,claddagh, so personalized were a big hit. Thank you again for making my gifts real winners. I put a bar of soap in with each Christmas present I gave. Now I need to order more for myself as I didn't get to keep one for me and everyone loved it!
Des Moines, IA

I am so happy I have found this product! I can't tell you how very much I love the soaps from Soapourri! There are so many different kinds and I tend to stock up on them and sometimes give them as gifts. Great communication with them too!
Amsterdam, NY

I highly recommend the soaps from Soapourri! I had always used Bath & Body Works glycerine soaps. When they were discontinued I started searching the web for replacements. I came across Soapourri! The fragrances are great (many to choose from)and the soap bars last! You can order in individual bars or a loaf. These soaps have the bonus of being pretty and smelling great!
Murray, KY

I been using glycerine soaps for many years and being in California it seems that everyone makes them. However, they were the wrong size for easy use, they broke apart. Customer service was poor. Then I found Soapourri! Cindy is GREAT! Her soaps are just right. I buy the loaves and cut them myself. They last forever and make your skin feel great. Her tube soaps are the next thing I am going to try.
Van Nuys, CA

Soapourri has amazing soaps! They are very moisturizing and the smells are wonderful! My only suggestion would be to enhance the website. The pictures online do not do the product justice. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good, quality handmade soap. I especially like giving these as gifts.
Des Moines, IA

I received my order yesterday afternoon and I just had to send you an email. I am so happy with everything! The soaps are wonderful. They have such a quality look, the colors are great, and then there's the fragrances......I couldn't stop sniffing all of them especially the oatmeal milk and honey. I decided to order Ocean with an organza bag also as a gift for my mom. I am very pleased with it too.
Galesburg, IL

I won your soap through anyluckyday.com and I wanted to thank you so much! The pail it came in was adorable and I cannot say enough good things about the soap itself! I and my children are allergic to most soaps and I was thrilled when I used yours and no allergic reaction at all! Not only do they work so well, but they smell better than any soaps I could buy in a store. You have a customer for life!
Biloxi, MS

Hi, I have bought lots of your soap, it's awesome! It's the only soap I have found besides the old Bath Body Works soap that works for my eczema. My quality of life is 98% better when I have clear skin. I really appreciate your soap. I have tried and tried other soaps and yours is the only one left that I can find so please stay in business forever!
Oklahoma City, OK

Living in both New Mexico and Florida, my husband and I suffered often with dry skin. Then a friend got us hooked on glycerin soap a few years ago. When our supplier quit making them, we were at a loss. We tried multiple companies and none of them could compare to Soapourri. We have been purchasing glycerin soap from Cindy for over a year now and couldn't be happier. Thank you Cindy for making such a great product, you are such a pleasure to deal with.
April and Bryan
Palm City, FL

It was a pleasure doing business with Soapourri. The whole transaction was quick and easy, and I really liked knowing I was dealing with a small, yet professional company. The best part was that everybody loved their soap gifts!
Carpinteria, CA

My wife got me these man-soaps for a gift, and I thought they were hilarious! She had me at "Bacon soap”. The truth is, they work great and smell good, too!
Vancouver, WA

Thank you very much for the soaps. Of course ordering products over the Internet is always a little scary because you never know what you're going to get but I was very happy when my soaps arrived, packaged perfectly so they wouldn't bump and dent each other and smelling beautifully. The soap dishes are perfect, modern and eco friendly. Thank you for your prompt delivery, you certainly lightened my stress! I will absolutely contact you again for more gifts!
Weymouth, MA

I found your products by doing an internet search for glycerin soaps. I suffer from eczema and very dry skin and through the advice of my sister switched to glycerin soap years ago. I was a long time user of Bath and Body works glycerin soaps and was forced to find one elsewhere when they discontinued them. I couldn't be happier with your product. I bought several with the intention of giving some for gifts to my sisters and son. They all smelled so nice that I can't wait to try more. I am using the Pink Dreams right now and the fragrance is indescribable. It smelled so nice in the shower that I wondered if after dressing, it would interfere with perfume. But it doesn't. The scent is not overpowering at all and your skin is clean but not dried out. I will be ordering more soon. Based on other people's comments I intend to try the skeeter beater and butter bar as well. My son is a mosquito magnet and nothing we've tried has ever stopped them! Thanks for the wonderful products!
Midland, VA

My granddaughter, Lilly age 4, and I are both quite sensitive to mosquito bites. To add to our misery, I have sensitive skin and Lilly inherited that and adds to it severe eczema. (Which has been under control with the use of Soapourri soaps and Lilly's personal favorite - the Butter Bar!) For the summer of 2008 I decided to try Skeeter Beater. The first time we used it, the air was just filled with mosquitoes and Lilly was determined to go for a tricycle ride. I applied Skeeter Beater and we headed outside. In less than half a block I noticed there was a large dark cloud of mosquitoes following Lilly as she pedaled away. Not one would even attempt to land on her! I had never before seen anything like this! We returned home without a bite on us! Another bonus - Dear Hubby asked if I was wearing a new perfume that day. The citrus scent is quite delightful! BTW - a new use for my butter bar is on Suzy the Pug and newest member of our family. This winter, I apply it to her pads to help fight the dryness caused the cold, melting salts and chemicals outside. Suzy goes nuts when she sees me get my butter bar out. (Much like Lilly's reaction , but at least Lilly, now age 4, agrees not to try to eat it!)

My order arrived today. I'm very excited and thrilled with the delivery. I love all of the soaps and you did a wonderful job matching each of them in an organza bag. The bags are great and these will make wonderful gifts. They're even nicer than I expected. I've had a wonderful shopping experience with Soapourri and look forward to future purchases. Thanks so much and happy holidays!!!
Toms River, NJ

Soapourri is absolutely the best! Cindy is an extraordinary soap maker with excellent service, and her company hand crafts beautiful & creative soaps with very nuanced textures and fragrances. My husband and I searched for a soap maker who could craft a very high quality, custom-designed soap for us as our wedding favor...and Cindy was the only one across the entire U.S. we could find who could meet our design concept and turn our vision into reality!
San Francisco, CA

I am very pleased with your product and the delivery. It is heavenly! I was using another place but your product is much better and more of it for the buck--thanks! My mother in law loves it too. She is 88 years old and her skin is very fragile, she says the soaps are like hand lotion for her every time so she keeps one at each sink.
Colfax, WA

I was very pleased with my experience with Soapourri. I have only tried the loaf soap but after reading the testimonials I think I need to try the butter bar and other products and broaden my experience. The soap feels so much better than the stuff I had been buying at the store and the bars are so beautiful I gave one away (didn't want to) as a graduation gift to my cousin's daughter and it made me feel like I had given something really beautiful and special as well as functional. I will continue to buy your soap and am anxious to try some of the other products. The loaf soaps are works of art.
Urbandale, IA

My last order exceeded my expectations. It arrived in a timely manner, was complete, and the products were of highest quality. I used several for gifts, and the recipients were so pleased and asked where I purchased such fine soap. You even took time to phone me regarding one of the items to clarify the color, and I found that to be an indication of superior customer service. Again, thank you for the great product you provide.
Hampshire, IL

Everyone was quite pleased with their gifts (the soap tubes, etc). I created a print out (such as ..Clear light green is tranquility….Clear pink is China Rain, etc.) that I enclosed with the gifts so that each person knew what the scents were as I mixed up the tubes to match each person’s personality and preference. I chose the Berries Jubilee loaf for myself and thought it was a wonderfully refreshing selection of aromas. I was thoroughly pleased with your efficient and problem-free delivery and quality.
Holbrook, MA

Note from Soapourri - here is a link to the blog where this customer gives a fabulous review of our products!
Johnston, IA

Just received my product. It is great!!! I am a sportswriter, covering the Milwaukee Brewers. Many years ago, before Miller Park and indoor baseball, we suffered through many a long rain delay. One night, to pass the time, I came up with a challenge to name six people who had a glass eye. It went over famously, and ever since then my colleagues have inundated me with eye products. I am looking forward to this spring when I can display my latest find. One of your eye soapballs will be on display in the pressbox at Miller Park in Milwaukee.
Lomira, WI

Your soap is the best that I've found for my eczema. I've been using it for almost 3 years, and it really helps with the dryness and itching.
Des Moines, IA

The only way you could improve is to give everything away for free!!! Your communication was great, the delivery was fast, the packaging was amazing and the products look even better than pictured. I will definitely be a return customer.
Skokie, IL

I just wanted to write to say that I LOVE your soaps!! My mom sent me a few of them as a surprise gift and I love how they all smell and feel. I received Sarah Smile, Apple Jack N' Peel, and Apricot Freesia (which is my favorite). I am looking forward to getting more soaps as gifts for my friends and family. Not only do they smell good, but they look so pretty too!.
Jacksonville, FL

I love your products. The way that you delivered so quickly and efficiently is terrific. I am surprised on how long the soap lasts, and how good it smells. Great job. I will definitely continue to be a customer for a long time.
Chester, CT

I had the unfortunate experience of using a bar of Dove after using your soap for a few months. It made my skin so dry. I was surprised at the difference between your soap and the commercial soap!

The sugar and spice soap from Soapourri was my most favorite gift this past Christmas! It's a great way to start the morning and reminds me of showering in a 5-star resort. Traditional soaps will no longer do!
West Des Moines, IA

The heart soaps were a huge hit at our wedding! Very romantic and lovely, and a great souvenir for guests to take home. We sure enjoyed the soap at home as well, it was such a nice reminder of the wedding.
Portland, OR

I received the small personalized soaps with my website on them today and I absolutely love them! I think they will be a big hit at the Bridal Show next weekend! I'm sure all the brides will like them,too. The Honey Spa Ginger fragrance was wonderful!! I am very pleased!

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service and all the communication. The soap is so nice and I plan to order more in the future.
Gretna, NE

My daughter loves the sample you sent us. We got hooked up to city water about 2 months ago, and the water lines are about 2 miles from town. I don't know if there is something in the lines or all the chemicals that are added to the water, but she has had the most terrible rash I have ever seen. She used your soap and in 2 days it was gone and no more itching.
Marshall, IN

I got your sample of soap. It is wonderful! I have been using on my face and I love the way my skin feels really smooth and clean. A curious thing is that due to the cleaning effect, small acne spots appeared because of the oil and dirt coming to the surface. After about a week, the spots are no longer popping up. I thought I was cleaning my skin before I started using the glycerin soap, but now I realize I was just clogging my pores. I have already purchased the ribbon-candy soap, I can't wait till people see it, so amazing the talents you have! Thank you for a wonderful product, I will become a regular customer.
Noblesville, IN

The whole ordering/receiving process was great. I requested the eyeball soap to be delivered asap, and it was! Thank you! I gave it to my niece for her birthday and boy, did she love it. She is a Halloween fanatic and always has her house and yard really decked out for the season. She thought the moving eyeball in the soap was great. I really wish you could have seen her face! My daughter was the recipient of the other soap that I ordered, and she loved hers, too.

Your products and service are top-notch! If only every company could be that way! And personal e-mails from you are a nice touch. Keep up the good work!
Bay City, MI

My daughter started using the African Black soap and noticed a difference right away. Within two days, her face had cleared up and made her feel so much better. She loves your soap and will mention it to all of her friends that are having acne. Thank you for telling us about your soap at the Des Moines downtown farmers market.
West Des Moines, IA

I am really enjoying the Whipped Shea Butter Souffle. My nails have chipped and peeled for many years. I tried the souffle and have gotten almost instant relief. I use it before bed each evening and my nails are actually smooth and not brittle and my hands are very soft. Thanks for a great product!
Belvidere, IL

I tried Add-A-Tubes and I love it! At first, I was going to just use one scent of soap, and then you told me that it works best with 4 or 5 soaps in the bag at a time. So I just started to mix any 4 soaps that I had and I love it. Every time I shower the scent is different from the mix of the soaps as one wears down and another becomes more prominent. Also, it is so much easier to hang on to in the shower, and when I am done, it just hangs back up on the hook, out of the way. It helps exfoliate my skin, leaving my skin smooth and smelling wonderful! I was so excited about Add-A-Tubes that I bought a set for my sister and daughter-in-laws for Mother's Day! Thanks for coming up with such a great idea!!
Des Moines, IA

Your butter bar is the best! I put it on my feet every morning and I rub it in my heels. I've used stuff from Bath and Body Works and everyplace else, but nothing works as well as your butter bar!
West Des Moines, IA

I ordered a butter bar for my daughter and it helps so much. She's five and in the winter her little hands and cheeks get so chapped. We've been putting it on before bed and my husband teases her every night that she smells so good (orange creamsicle) he could just take a bite out of her!
Cincinnati, OH

From the Add-A-Tubes focus group:
- I like Add-A-Tubes because they are colorful and the lather is a bright white.
Joe - Add-A-Tubes keeps your skin moist and not dry.
Marcus - Your skin is always smooth and I like the smell of all the soaps blending together.
Samantha - It's fun mixing things together.
Blaise - The fragrances aren't too strong.

I was very happy with my shopping experience with Soapourri. The whole shopping process was very easy and my order arrived very promptly. The product descriptions and pictures on Soapourri's website are very clear. I am enjoying the products I ordered, and I plan on ordering from Soapourri again in the near future.
Naperville, IL

Your butter bars are awesome. Our daughter's hands dry out so badly in the winter time that they look almost burned. Very red and scaley. She's had prescription creams and tried other popular brands of lotions for severely dry skin. Most would offer relief from the itching or uncomfortableness but not do much for the appearance. I bought one of your butter bars with my soap order last winter and it worked perfectly. Not even a speck of redness or scaliness. The packaging made it easy for her to take in her backpack to school and rub it on quickly between classes. We ordered a different scent this year and she anxiously watched the mailbox for it to arrive. The scent is so pleasant that I put it on my hands for the smell.
Leon, IA

I buy Soapourri soaps for myself as well as gifts for people. My friends and family especially enjoy the personalized soaps! All the soaps' fragrances are wonderful. The clean feeling you get after washing with a Soapourri soap is refreshing. And Soapourri gives exceptional customer service. Thank you!
Des Moines, IA

Before Christmas, my finger ends, especially thumbs,were cracked and sore. I had misplaced my Soapourri lotion that comes in the deodorant stick applicator, but when I went to Ohio I used the one I gave my sister. My fingers were healed overnight! THANKS for your products!
West Des Moines, IA

I originally bought a slice of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey for fun because it looked pretty. My husband started using it too, so we just kept buying it. Now I bought him a whole loaf! He says it helps his skin not to crack anymore. We were using Dove, but this is better for our skin.
West Des Moines, IA

Thank you for introducing me to your Shea Butter Souffle. I apply it every night before I go to bed. It has helped these 83 year old hands to be softer, smoother, and less apt to get chapped.
West Des Moines, IA

I couldn't believe how much difference there was between these great soap products and the so-called soaps we have been buying at the supermarket. My skin doesn't get so dry like it used to, and it doesn't itch any more. And I really like the choices of scents that are available. It's fun to custom make a soap bar, just the way you want it.
Clive, IA

Your soap is just wonderful! The scent lasts and doesn't fade away after one or two uses like so many other soaps. Your soap creates a great lather and is so gentle on the skin. In fact, my skin feels softer after using the soap. Your soaps also make great gifts - whether one of your unique creations for a holiday or simply a way to say thanks any time of the year. My son has really enjoyed the soaps with the ducks inside. Cindy, your soap is the best!!
Des Moines, IA

My hands were extremely chapped, red, and sore. I'd tried everything, probably 20 different things, including prescriptions from doctors. The Butter Bar has really worked, like nothing else ever did. My hands are now smooth and feel healed.
West Des Moines, IA

I love the soap from Soapourri. I use it every day, because it makes my skin feel and look great. The scents are awesome. My favorites are Stargazer Lily and Mango. My husband likes to use the soap, too. His favorite scents are Polo and Ocean. The amazing butter bar is great for your lips and it helps with dry skin. Also, the fizzing bath salts - Jasmine scent is so nice to use for a relaxing bath. They also make great gifts for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and the holidays.
San Diego, CA

I first tried your Amazing Butter Bar a year ago. I bought it because I had had a lot of problems with my feet that winter being cracked and dry. Well - I tried the product, and only had to use it once to notice the difference. All winter I had used every thing I could think of, and nothing worked. This product was the answer, and I didn't even have to remember to use it every day. This is the first time in my life I have nice looking legs. I use it also on my elbows and knees. What a difference! I even use a little on my face.

I have also started using the soap in the last 2 months, and what a difference it also makes. This product is so good that I have told all my friends, and have purchased the butter bar for them to try, and every one is very surprised at how wonderful it works. I'm 51 yrs old and have finally found something that works on very dry skin. All my friends that have used the product are very satisfied, and are continuing to use it. I feel fortunate to have found this product! I enjoy all the scents, but I am currently using Stargazer Lily Fragrance. No matter what scent, the soap and lotion bar are a necessity for me.
Cordova, IL

Saturday mornings at the Downtown Farmers' Market in Des Moines often meant finding Cindy of Soapourri amid all the other vendors. When I found her and her perfectly blended hand-made soap, I was done for the day.
New Orleans, LA

I have to say the Skeeter Beater works great - it's not sticky and none of us got bitten up, not even the kids! I recommend it to people!
Des Moines, IA

The Skeeter Beater worked wonders. When it gets hot and sticky outside, I usually don't put anything on my skin that would make me feel more sticky, but this had no such feeling. But the best part about the Skeeter Beater is that it worked. When it gets nightfall around those trees in the country, the mosquitos routinely drove me inside. This time was different, my wife's family was amazed it worked so well. It's good stuff.
Des Moines, IA

We live on a farm and have a large wetland at the back. I used to just get eaten up by the mosquitos. But not since I discovered Skeeter Beater! Recently we had a group of people here at the farm; the campfire wasn't working to keep away the mosquitos. So we gave them all some Skeeter Beater and it worked great. Also, we've found it works when you just put it on clothes too. We put a DEET-based repellent on our baby's face once and it gave him little spots. The Skeeter Beater left his skin the way it was!
Waukee, IA

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