About us

Our soap contains vegetable glycerin, which will moisturize your skin with luxurious lather, rinsing cleanly away. Your skin will feel terrific after you experience bathing with the sights and smells of Soapourri soap. We recommend that you use a soap dish that drains to prolong its life.


All our soaps are made in small batches, giving us the room we need for artistic expression, and the freedom to experiment with new blends of ingredients, scents, sizes, and processes without wasting large amounts of soaps that never make it to the retail level. We won't sell what we aren't 100% satisfied with. If you aren't happy, call us immediately!

We're always working on new recipes, processes, and product designs. All our soaps are handmade in our soap studio, hand cut, checked for quality, packaged, then shipped directly to you. We choose only the highest quality ingredients and prepare our soap lines using various processes that remain, like our recipes, our trade secrets.

It took a little over a year to create our new soaps recipes and get real feedback, honest opinions, and to to teach us what our clients wanted most. After this we photographed each new soap design, wrote new copy, and then had to test the features on our Web sites on a soft launch, all before we could launch the news to you.

We are not only growing a long list of soaps and designer soaps; we're expanding our base of clients. We welcome your feedback!

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